Vivienne Westwood Bags

Vivienne Westwood Bags

Vivienne Westwood bags are very distinctive designs, and signature features make them easy to recognise. In this article I will describe some of the typical features, shapes and fabrics that are characteristic of Vivienne Westwood designs.

Vivienne Westwood Yasmin BagThe Shape


One of the most characteristic shapes that is seen in Vivienne Westwood bags is the Yasmin. This style - which can appear in leopard print, tartan, patent leather, leather or PU, appears in one form or another every year. Typically, the design has two top handles and a top zip fastening and there is usually a large or small golden orb on the front.. The bag pictured to the right is the Vivienne Westwood Leopard Print Bag 5540 from the Autumn Winter 2011 season.

Vivienne Westwood corner cut out yasminThere is another characteristic Vivienne Westwood shape. Unfortunately I am unsure of its name, so I will refer to it as a "cut out" Yasmin - it essentially looks like a similar shape to the Jasmin, except that the lower corners of the bag are "cut out" to give it a more unique shape.

Vivienne Westwood Chancery Heart BagHeart

Heart shaped bags were popular over the last two seasons at Vivienne Westwood. They are fun, girly and feminine designs always sell out. The heart shaped bag has appeared as an Ebury - made from patent leather with a large golden orb on the front and also as a Chancery. The Chancery bags are made from faux leather (PU) and have a large plastic glitter heart on the front.

Vivienne Westwood red Ebury Tote BagThe Style


One of the most popular Vivienne Westwood styles is the Ebury bag. These bags are made from shiny patent leather and have a large golden orb on the front. They are available in a number of different styles and shapes which change each year, including the Yasmin, cut out Yasmin, shoulder bag, tote bag, bowling bag, heart shaped and clutch. The most common colour is black, but Eburys have appeared in other colours including red, yellow and teal green. I am fortunate enough to own a black Ebury clutch with a detachable chain shoulder strap, which I have to admit, is my pride and joy.

Vivienne Westwood Summer Tartan HandbagTartan

This is more a fabric than a style, but various types of Tartan, given names such as Vivienne Westwood Laptop Case in Derby PrintWinter Tartan, Summer Tartan and Derby, appear frequently on Vivienne Westwood bags. Most recently, the Derby print appeared on a rather smart laptop case. The two tartan bags pictured above are varieties of winter tartan. The bag pictured left is a summer tartan bowling bag design, and the item pictured below is the Derby printed Vivienne Westwood laptop case.

Frilly Snake

Vivienne Westwood Frilly Snake BagThis style of bag was introduced during 2010 but there is now a new version of this style for the 2011 season. The frilly snake designs are typically available in a clutch / shoulder bag design and a Yasmin shaped bag. This range of bags has to date been made from faux leather (PU) so has a more pleasing price point than the leather bags. Characteristics of the design include an embossed snakeskin finish, trimmed in patent, with a golden orb on the front of the bag.

Of course, there are far more fabrics, design features and styles than I have been able to mention within the space available within this article, such as the Bam Bam, the Spitalfield, the zip pulls, linings, golden logo plaques etc etc but I hope I have at least given you a feel for what it available in the amazing world of Vivienne Westwood Bag.

Where can I buy Vivienne Westwood Bags online?

Three online retailers of Vivienne Westwood bags include:

  •, who have a good range of current Vivienne Westwood designs and, whilst based in the UK, offer worldwide delivery
  • Selfridges, who have an extensive range of Vivienne Westwood bags online and ship within the UK.
  • Triads, who are based in the north-east of England but deliver their Vivienne Westwood Accessories worldwide.